Curated by Brendan Lynch

0.0LA Gallery
Chinatown Los Angeles

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Curated by Brian Scott Campbell, Harbinger Projects, Reykjavík, Iceland

Tisch Abelow / Sigurður Ámundason / Jimmy Baker / Halla Birgisdottir / Ryan Travis Christian / June Culp / Cristina DeMiguel / Austin Eddy / Austin English / Dana Frankfort / Brittni Ann Harvey / Irena Jurek / David Jien / Kristy Luck / Paul Metrinko / Nick Payne / Vanessa Gully-Santiago / Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson / Lauren Taylor / Adam Tullie / Kevin McNamee-Tweed / James Ulmer / Andy Webber / Nick Wilkinson

Catalogue of exhibition created

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Agnes B. Galleri du Jour
Paris, France
July 21, 2016

Curated by Charlie Roberts

Steinsland Berliner
Stockholm, Sweden
May 20, 2016

Curated by Charlie Roberts

David Risley Gallery
Copenhagen, Denmark
May 4, 2016

Curated by Charlie Roberts


MAMA Gallery

Jonathan Bepler

James Franco

Henry Hopper

Galen Pehrson

Luckey Remington

Angeline Rivas

Adam Tullie

Double Diamond Sun Body

Sep 19th – Oct 31st 2015

Los Angeles, 1242 Palmetto St!

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Private Island, Los Angeles
Curated By Veronica Shalom
February 13th 2014, Los Angeles CA

"This is the Arsenal. From floor to ceiling,
Like a huge organ, rise the burnished arms;
But front their silent pipes no anthem pealing
Startles the villages with strange alarms."

—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1843)

New works by:
Ajit Chauhan
Jenny Sayaka Norris
Lerrie Paras
Zan Robertson
Mansi Shah
Veronica Shalom
Kate Stewart
Adam Tullie

High Fantasy dream performance at midnight

Thursday, February 13 from 8-12
Private Island - 1314 Palmetto St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Adam Tullie March14 Webcover.jpg


September 19 – November 2, 2012

Opening reception: Wednesday, September 19, 6:00-8:30pm

Jonathan Apgar, Jordan Eagles, Anna Fidler, Amber Ibarreche, 

Ashley Macomber, Angeline Rivas, Adam Tullie, Eric Yahnker

See Line Gallery presents “Wild Thing” a group exhibition introducing artists that expose

the provocative allure of being wild. The diverse works showcase elements of pushing boundaries,

embracing the free spirit and venturing into the unknown. The exhibition includes sculpture, painting

and works on paper. 


Jonathan Apgar works without any predetermined end. When there is something that happens within a painting that makes him feel uncomfortable, if it feels risky to present to someone or he is exhilarated by a feeling of getting away with something, he knows he is venturing in the right direction. 

Jordan Eagles has been using preserved animal blood, procured from slaughterhouses, in his signature, multidimensional works for over a decade. Through his experimental, self-invented process, the artist applies blood to layers of clear plexiglass and then permanently preserves the organic material with layers of resin, allowing the high-gloss surfaces to suspend the fluid forms. 

Portland based Anna Fidlerpresents works from her series Vampires and Wolf Men which seeks to create a myth surrounding characters of the past. Her images are sourced in part from photographs found at the Oregon Historical Society, and include portraits from families both prominent and unknown. Fidler’s decisions to use specific individuals were based purely on facial expressions and features that could be interpreted as mysterious, haunting or strange. 

Amber Ibarreche is using appropriated imagery moving objects from one place to the next in an unrestrained manner.      

Ashley Macomer’s new series of paintings uses images of women from hard core pornography as its source material. Using collage and shifts in scale, these highly sexualized representations of women interact with images taken from nature that become the subject for the paintings. She sees the paintings as an experimentation within the power dynamic inherent in these images and the possibility of reabsorbing that power into a new concept of the feminine. 

Angeline Rivas’ new works are celestial road signs and artifacts from a timeless place.  They address a new reality where advanced technology is being used for degenerate human needs. Incorporating human hair, teeth, and acrylic nails as beads into her pieces.  

Adam Tullie has created a new series of drawings built from the repetitious study of a single, subtly-evolving motif resembling the human eye. Exploring the notion of the viewer viewing the artwork, with the artwork viewing the viewer, Tullie work engages the audience with an optical see/saw effect. 

Los Angeles based artist Eric Yahnker conflates artifice and authenticity to construct a poetic and perverse exposition of the American condition. Outwardly refuting moral and political decency in favor of comic rationality, Yahnker employs absurdity to assault absolutism.

Adam Tullie Opener34.jpg

Curated by Catlin Moore & Matthew Gardocki
A show presented by Mark Moore Gallery/5790 Projects

July 21st 7-9pm at Raid Projects, Los Angeles

Amir H. Fallah
Marissa Textor
Christine Frerichs
Adam Tullie
Kyla Hansen

5790projects is thrilled to announce its third quarterly pop-up group exhibition, Line Dancing, featuring five unrepresented LA-based artists working in the medium of painting, sculpture, and drawing.

Manipulating the formal attributes of linework, each artist in the exhibition explores the malleability of art's most basic foundation – giving whimsical, geometric, figurative or outlandish life to a common singular motif. From the contours of a loved one's face, to the territorial borders drawn upon a map, lines shape our perception of a tangible and conceptual world. They are the genesis of form and composition, be it the familiar bars on a sheet of music or the postulatory blueprints of a Sol LeWitt.

5790projects focuses on providing an exhibition platform for emerging artists based in Los Angeles. Through a combination of selected artist submissions and invitations, the entity curates local pop-up exhibitions throughout Southern California. The artists included in Line Dancing encompass a diverse miscellany of practice and exhibition history. Amir Fallah received his MFA from UCLA, and has since exhibited in Dubai, New York City, San Francisco, and Miami, among other cities. Christine Frerichs (CA) received her MFA from UC Riverside, and has been featured in a number of galleries in addition to the Torrance Art Museum and Riverside Art Museum. Kyla Hansen (CA) will receive her MFA from Claremont Graduate School this year, and was the 2009 recipient of the "Best in Show" award at the Las Vegas Art Museum's (NV) "Las Vegas Art Round Up" show. Marissa Textor (CA) graduated from UCLA, and has shown in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Toronto. Adam Tullie (MA) has exhibited internationally, including shows in Auckland, Mexico City, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles, and will be concurrently featured in "Portrait of a Generation" at The Hole (NY). All of the artists live and work in Los Angeles.

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Portrait of a Generation
Curated by Kathy Grayson

The Hole NYC
312 Bowery NY, NY
June 7 – August 10, 2012

OPENING June 7, 6-9PM

More Information:

The Hole is proud to announce the exhibition “Portrait of a Generation” where over 100 artists who make up the art scene here will make portraits of each other to give image to a community of people. The works will be hung salon style on our gallery walls, and include painted, drawn and photographic portraits.

The Hole is producing a catalogue for the exhibition that will serve as a kind of yearbook for New York City in 2012.

Portrait of a Generation:

Aaron Rose
Adam Tullie
Adam Schleimer
Alex Prager
Alexey Sizov
Alison Blickle
Allison Schulnik
Anders Oinonen
Andrea Sonnenberg
Andre Saravia
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Andrew Kuo
Angeline Rivas
Ari Marcoplolous
Ashley Macomber
Aurel Schmidt
Assume Vivid Astro Focus
Barry McGee
Bec Stupac
Ben Brock
Ben Jones
Bijoux Altimirano
Bill Powers
Billy Grant
Body By Body
Brian Belott
Brian Degraw
Brian Kenney
Brain McPeck
Bruce High Quality
Bruce Labruce
Cass Bird
Caroline Snow
Casey Spooner
Chelsea Seltzer
Cheryl Dunn
Chris Johanson
Christian Rosa
Clare Rojas
Clayton Patterson
Cody Critcheloe
Colette Robbins
Cynthia Rowley
Dash Snow
Donald Baechler
Donald Cummings
Dustin Yellin
Eddie Martinez
Enno Tianen
Eric Cahan
Erik Foss
Eric Yahnker
Evan Gruzis
Fab Five Freddy
Francesca Gavin
Glenn O’Brien
Gordon Hull
Grant Worth
Hisham Bharoocha
Holton Rower
IO Tillet Wright
Isaac Lin
Jack Donoghue
Jack Pierson
Jaimie Warren
Jane Moseley
JD Samson
Jeanette Hayes
Jeff Ladouceur
Jeff Vespa
Jeremy Kost
Jesse Edwards
Jesse Geller
Jiannis Varelas
Jim Drain
Jo Jackson
Joe Bradley
Joe Grillo
Joe Rushe
Joey Frank
John Holland
Jonah Freedman
Jorge Ulrich
Josh Lazcano
Justin Lowe
Kadar Brock
Karley Sciortino
Kathy Grayson
Keegan McHargue
Kembra Pfahler
Kenny Scharf
Kevin Baker
Kris Kahler
Kristy Leibowitz
Kunle Martins
Lance De Los Reyes
Lele Savieri
Leo Fitzpatrick
Levi Tate
Libby Black
Lizzi Bougatsos
Lola Schnabel
Malcolm Stuart
Marc Bell
Maria Robledo
Mark Cross
Matt Jones
Matt Leines
Matt Stone
Matthew Craven
Matthew Stone
Max Snow
McDermott & McGough
Micah Ganske
Mike Namer
Miz Metro
N Dash
Naomi Fisher
Olivier Zahm
Parker Ito
Peter Sutherland
Rachel Chandler
Raymond Pettibon
Renee Ricard
Robert Lazzarini
Ry Fyan
Ryan McGinley
Sam Moyer
Sandy Kim
Scott Ewalt
Scott Hug
Scott Reeder
Seana Gavin
Sharon Needles
Slater Bradley
Slava Mogutin
Spencer Sweeney
Stefan Bondell
Steve Powers
Sue Webster
Susy Oliveira
Taylor McKimens
Terence Koh
Theo Rosenblum
Tim Biskup
Tim Hull
Tim Noble
Tjorg Douglas Beer
Todd James
Vanessa Prager
Wes Lang
Yamataka Eye
Yoko Ono

Adam Tullie Angeline webd.jpg
Adam Tullies Chimpernet edited2s.jpg

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, November 5th, 6-10pm
Exhibition on view through November 26th
Show revolving around works on paper.
Curated by Seth Adelsberger and Alex Ebstein

Andrew Guenther
Matthew Craven
Brion Nuda Rosch
Alex Lukas
Lesser Gonzalez
Jordan Bernier
Annie Grey
Elena Johnston
Leif Low-Beer
Christian Herr
D'Metrius Rice
Cara Ober
Chris Mucci
Jessie Unterhalter
Max Guy
Beth Hoeckel
Caitlin Cunningham
Adam Tullie
Jess Soulen
Sarah Mosk
Erick Jackson
John Bohl
Benjamin Edmiston
Sofia Leiby
Samuel T. Adams
Conor Backman
Ted Gahl
Bettina Yung
Matt Lienes
Mary Helena Clark
Russell Hite
Edward Max Fendley
Adam Dwight
Felipe Goncalves
Kaitlin Murphy
Josh Van Horne
Steven Riddle
Sidney Pink
Molly O'Connell
Sal Farina
Tim Karpinski
Amy Boone-McCreesh
David Ubias
Rachel Bone
Justin Kelly

405 West Franklin Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(443) 415-2139

Adam Tullie Nudashank.jpg

Created By Kathy Grayson, Elena Parasco, Avery Newman
Wednesday, April 13 at 6:00pm - June 30 at 9:00pm

8910 Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

"Over thirty new ways to make a face"

On Thursday, April 14 2011, Royal/T—Culver City’s playful, visually stunning 10,000-square-foot space known for its changing program of rotating curatorial art exhibits from top artists and gallerists around the world—debuts “FACEMAKER,” a new exhibition curated by Kathy Grayson of New York City’s The Hole that will be displayed through June 2011. Featured in the show are works from contemporary young artists including the title piece by Ben Jones, in addition to Barry McGee, Kenny Scharf, Joe Grillo, assume vivid astro focus, Tomoo Gokita, Eric Yahnker, Jane Moseley, Olaf Breuning, KAWS, Ted Mineo, David Shrigley, Shepard Fairey, Eddie Martinez, Taylor McKimens, Francine, Speigel, Avery Newman, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Robert Lazzarini, Aurel Schmidt, Kembra Pfahler, Rivas & Tullie, Aaron Johnson, Brian Belott, Matt Leines, SWOON, Allison Schulnik, Clare Rojas, Jules de Balincourt, Michael Williams, Takeshi Murata, Anders Oinonen, Justin Samson, Misaki Kawai, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Dennis Tyfus, Katherine Bernhardt, Todd James, Matt Greene, Stefan Bondell, Spencer Sweeney, Nate Lowman, Mat Brinkman, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, Billy Grant, Adam Tullie and FriendsWithYou. The show will explore interpretations of the most universal element of human perception: the face.

Each artist in this show finds a new way to imagine a face, whether in painting, drawing, sculpture, or video. “At Royal/T, we want to think of a different way to share the rising talents of undiscovered underground artists,” says Owner Susan Hancock. “Our visitors look to us to share current art culture with them, and we feel it’s important to spotlight the cutting-edge work that Kathy Grayson is doing at The Hole in New York City and the work that these young artists are putting out.”

The forthcoming art installation at Royal/T will highlight the title piece, “FACEMAKER” by Ben Jones, playing on a large flat screen TV. A Los Angeles resident, Jones combines the vocabulary of video games and digital art to create playful works that blur the lines between media, and is currently working on his first television show that debuted on Cartoon Network this April 4th. The “FACEMAKER” exhibit will coincide with MoCA director Jeffrey Deitch’s “Art in the Streets”—the first major art museum survey of the history of street art and graffiti in America from the 1970s to the present—at the Geffen Contemporary in April 2011, and many of the artists from “Art in the Streets” will also have works at Royal/T.

“The ‘FACEMAKER’ exhibit is particularly exciting and relevant because as people, we’re instinctively wired to see faces in everything,” adds Grayson. “Today’s young artists are approaching this simple concept in a way that challenges our assumptions and makes us consider the face in new ways.”
About Curator Kathy Grayson:

The former director of Deitch Projects in New York City, Kathy Grayson opened The Hole with fellow former Deitch Projects director Meghan Coleman, in June 2010 to “fill the hole” left by Deitch’s move to Los Angeles’ MoCA. Grayson brought a roster of contemporary artists to Deitch Projects, and The Hole’s opening exhibition, “Not Quite Open for Business” displayed works in various phases of completion with pieces by over 20 artists from the community. A curator, painter, and writer, Grayson is also the Arts Editor at i-D magazine. She can be found blogging about art and graffiti at

About Royal/T:

Located in Culver City, Royal/T is a playful blending of café, concept shop, and art exhibition space. The 10,000-square-foot space reflects the interior realm of fantasy that strongly influences the artists included in Owner Susan Hancock’s art collection. The art space showcases curated exhibitions with a focus on Japanese contemporary art. “FACEMAKER” will be on display at Royal/T from Friday, April 1, 2011, through Thursday, June 30, 2011. The exhibit is free and open to the public from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily, with extended hours on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Rivas and Tullie NeanderThaw Adam Wxeb Final.jpg
Adam Tullie for BL3 wev33.jpg

Opening Tuesday, March 8th at 7:00 PM
Until May 27, 2011

Galleria Patricia Armocida is proud to present "Strangers In The Night", a collective exhibit with Devendra Banhart, Keegan McHargue and Adam Tullie, opening on Tuesday, March 8th at 7:00 PM.

On view there will be approximately fifty works in watercolor, ink, and pencil.

Devendra Banhart’s works are an expressive component inseparable from his music: “I sing what I can’t draw and draw what I can’t sing”. His drawings are much like his music, immediate, simple, and spontaneous, characterized by a sense of authenticity, of private emotions and notions; these are his distinctive traits and perhaps the reason why his works emanate such an intense sense of vitalism.
His works convey a sort of free speech, a flow of consciousness without mediation that fuels an oneiric, intimate, and visionary essence where elementary forms reproduce in the flow of time and permeate the entire work with symbolism.
Delicate lines and spirals unite in three-dimensional forms, which at times congeal into anthropomorphic and zoomorphic details: hands, eyes, embryonic birds, and holy mountains conveying an archaic mysticism that floats on the paper.
Circles, triangles, and thick dotted lines depict phytomorphic figures and beings that come and go continuously, melding with words, absorbing the taste of magical formulas. The enigmatic nature of Banhart’s hypnotic images is the starting and finishing point for his every creation.

Keegan McHargue’s imagery oscillates between mysterious and bizarre: his works communicate an indefinite sense of narrative. For years he has been developing his symbolic lexicon in which certain recurrent images and motifs represent a true and tried visual alphabet that expands and evolves year after year. His subject matter is often everyday, mundane things; in fact, McHargue states: "I like to think that banality is a place where the spiritual likes to hide out".
Nevertheless, his pool of inspiration is vast: from branding to history. The work in this exhibit, for example, takes inspiration from ancient Roman graffiti. He sketches and fuses them with brightly colored abstractions, which are reminiscent of the 80s and Transavant-garde. His works are not tied to the physical world in which we live or to a specific lapse of time, instead they seem to come from a strikingly flat universe where background and foreground are irrelevant.

Adam Tullie’s work plays upon the relationship between the concrete, visual material we unconsciously process during our waking moments, and the breaking down of this fundamental material into its simplest forms. Taking cues from ‘real-time’ visual displacement, and obscured prior recollection, Tullie intersects the fleeting moment when obvious characteristics are lost and new impressions are made. In this sense, he seeks to decode the cultural constructs of the human experience. Inspiration ranging from religious fanatics that claim to have found the face of Christ in a breakfast pancake, to the deconstructed simplicity of African masks, or the wood-grain of a table, Tullie creates highly rendered shapes and stylized human form using needle-thin line-work to build up a layered surface of textural variation. Incorporating a limited palette with a hands-on application of bleach, India ink, and sand; the works become process-heavy, mixed-media fabrications that blend a primitive sensibility with contemporary abstraction.

Devendra Banhart (b. 1981, Houston, lives and works in Los Angeles), musician, artist, and curator. Although he studied briefly at the San Francisco Art Institute, he is mainly self-taught. He has shown his works worldwide, in galleries like New Image Arts in Los Angeles, Andrew Roth in New York, Galleria Mazzoli in Modena, Luggage Store in San Francisco, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2009 with "Abstract Rhythms: Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart". In 2010, he had an exhibit at Los Angeles’ MOCA, performing together with Beck and Caetano Veloso for the occasion: "The Artist's Museum".

Keegan McHargue (b. 1982, Portland, lives and works in New York) is self-taught, he studied literature in college but has been drawing and painting for many years. His works have been shown around the world: Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Deitch Projects in New York, Hiromi Yoshii Gallery in Tokyo, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, and his work is currently held in the collections of the Greek art collector, Dakis Joannou, and the MOMA. Some noteworthy exhibits: “Man Burning” at W/____ in New York, “In Memory of Painting: Keegan McHargue,” at Layr Wuestenhagen Contemporary in Vienna, “Well Charge” at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, “The Yellow Spectrum” at Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco, and “Mauve Deep” at Hiromi Yoshii Gallery in Tokyo.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Adam Tullie (b. 1982 Boston, lives and works in Los Angeles) has scored several short films with guitar-driven compositions, and owns and operates Cavern Collection with creative partner, Angeline Rivas, a high-end fashion line based in Los Angeles that has been covered in publications including Purple Fashion, Flaunt, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times. Tullie’s visual art has been covered in Beautiful Decay, Art Observed, Art Lovers New York, Nudity In Groups, Them Thangs Magazine, & Art Slant. Recent exhibitions include ‘Art Machine’ & ‘Postermat’, both curated by gallery owner, Kathy Grayson at The Hole NYC. ‘A Ways A Way’ at Half Gallery NYC, curated by Devendra Banhart, ‘Art/Music/Alchemy’ curated by Whitney Bedford at Starkwhite in Auckland, New Zealand, and ‘La Migra’ at Vice Gallery in Mexico City.

Galleria Patricia Armocida
via Bazzini 17, 20131 Milano – Italy



Curated by Kathy Grayson
FEBRUARY 10 – 22nd, 2011
Opening: FEBRUARY 10, 6-9PM

The Hole and ALIFE are pleased to present ART MACHINE, a special project at the gallery February 10 – 22nd, 2011. In this show, we present a huge artist vending machine filled with special products and artworks from $5 and up, all the way to the thousands.
From special personal artist memorabilia (“artist’s panties”) to customized products (“artist bicycle”), to actual artworks (mini painting and mini sculpture!), to limited edition products (T-shirts of G-Shock watches) this machine will vend out items by over fifty artists in our ALIFE and Hole joint communities.

Check out our website for details on these items:

Bec Stupak
Bojo Lawrence
Brigitte Engler
Charles Shedden
Chris Beeston
Clayton Patterson
Craig Costello
David Shrigley
Dr. Revolt
Eric Haze
Evan Gruzis
Fools Gold Records
Goeff McFetridge
Ivan Sabekst
Jack Greer
JD Samson
Jesse Edwards
Karen Black
Kasper Sonne
Kathy Grayson
Kembra Pfhaler
Kenny Scharf
Malcolm Stuart
Matt Leines
Oscar Sanchez
Palma Blank
PJ Linden
Rashid Karim
Ricky Powell
Rivas & Tullie
Romon Yang “ROSTARR”
Ryan McGinness
Shepard Fairey
Slava Mogutin
Soba Eshima
Stefan Bondell
Steve Ellis
Taylor McKimens
The Crystal Pharoah
The Hole
Todd James
Ulli Rimkus (Max Fish owner)
William Leroy (Billy’s Antiques and Props on the Bowery)

First come first serve, bring your credit card, and take home a cool art object before they are all snapped up.
ALIFE is a lifestyle concept based on and in downtown New York City. It is focused on art and creativity with a strong penchant for originality, even if that means stealing it. Alife’s mission is to showcase, elevate and perpetuate the downtown culture from which it is born. more info:

Kathy Grayson, owner of The Hole, curated her first show in 2003 because of a zine the ALIFE guys carried in their pop up shop at Deitch Projects, 2002. She has always wanted to pass on this fantastic resource to other aspiring curators who might be looking for that next amazing underground artist featured in this project.


Curated By Devendra Banhart
Feb. 23rd 2011

Eric Wareheim
Jerry Hsu
James Franco
Melissa Shimkovitz
Kevin Long
Zach Hill
Marc Bell
Adam Green
David Tibet
Marilyn Manson
Fabrizio Moretti
Alia Shawkat
Nat Russell
Thomas Campbell
Travis Keller
Angeline Rivas
Keegan McHargue
Adam Tullie
Kori Girard
Lauren Dukoff
Devendra Banhart

Vice Gallery
Mérida 109, esq. Alvaro Obregón Col. Roma
tel (55) 55 33 85 64


Jan 20th - Feb 20th 2011
Curated by Whitney Bedford


Curated by Kathy Grayson

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Adam Tullie, Alex Gartenfeld, ALIFE, Alison Blickle, Allison Schulnik, Amy Kellner, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Andrew Kuo, Angeline Rivas, aNYthing, Ara Peterson, Arnaud Delecolle, Aurel Schmidt, Barry McGee, Ben Jones, Bijoux Altimirano, Billy Grant, Brian Belott, Bruce La Bruce, Cass Bird, Clare Rojas, Clayton Patterson, Cleon Peterson, Cody Critcheloe, Dan Nadel, Dash Snow’s NYM Minute Rome poster, Dave Schubert, Dearraindrop, Devin Flynn, Dorothy Iannone, Dylan Walker, DZINE, Eric Mast, Eric White, Erik Foss, Evan Gruzis, Francesca Gavin, Francesco Spaminato, FriendsWIthYou, Futura, Gordon Hull, Hanna Liden, Harmony Korine, Hisham Bharoocha, IO Tillet Wright, Jack Greer, Jack Pierson, Jade Berreau, Jaimie Warren, JD Samson, Jeff Vespa, Jeremy Kost, Jesse Edwards, Jesse Geller, Joe Bradley, Joe Grillo, Jon Kessler, Josefina Ayerza, Josh Lozcano, Jules de Balincourt, Julia Chiang, Kathy Grayson, Kazumi Asamura, Kembra Pfahler, Kenny Scharf, Kristy Leibowitz, Kunle Martins, The Last Tuesday Society, Lele Savieri, Leslie Kulesh, LOYAL, Luca Lo Pinto, Luis Gispert, Malcolm Stuart, Maripol, Mark Flood, Mat Brinkman, Mecca Revlon and Peter Martinez, Michael Bevilacqua, Michael Cline, Michael Nevin, Michael Williams, New York Minute, Opening Ceremony, Palma Blank, Patrick Griffin, Peter Coffin, Rafael de Cardenas, Reto Geiser, Rob Jest, Ron English, Rub and Tug, Salem, Scott Ewalt, Seana Gavin, Shepard Fairey, Shinique Smith, Shoplifter, Slava Mogutin, Slavoj Zizek, Stefan Bondell, Steve Nishimoto, Steve Powers, Takeshi Murata, Taylor McKimens, Terence Koh, Theodoric Bland, Tomoo Gokita, TV Baby, Valerie Hegarty, Weirdo Dave, Xylor Jane, Yamataka Eye and Yoko Ono

Opening - 12.18.10

104 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012

Adam Tullie BD5f One Final.jpg


San Francisco, 2010
RVCA Gallery
Curated by Meghan Edwards
Adam Tullie Installation View

Adam Tullie Golden State Installation View .jpg
Invitations s.jpg

Curated by Devendra Banhart & Meredith Darrow
JUNE 8-JULY 8, 2010

Half Gallery
, New York

Devendra Banhart, Scott Campbell, William Eadon, Kevin Long, Megan Marrin, Keegan McHargue, Fabrizio Moretti, Angeline Rivas, and Adam Tullie

Adam Half Gallery.jpg
AT DEV Philippe Vergne party.jpg