I have a painting included in the first issue of
Iconograph Magazine


Throughout our conscious and subconscious lives, we surround ourselves with imagery that defines us as creative persons in the 21st century. From a variety of environmental icons and symbols in the public guise, to the images we create in our private, or not so private lives - we are never far from our own rituals in iconography.
Systems of symbols and pictures that are constituted in a certain ordered and determined relationship to the form, content and the intention of presentation are believed to be among the most important means of knowing and expressing religious facts. Such systems also contribute to the maintenance and strengthening of the relationships between man and the realm of the sacred or holy ( the transcendent, spiritual dimension). The symbol is, in effect the mediator, presence, and real ( or intelligible ) representation of the holy in certain conventional and standardized forms.


Iconograph is a concept first realized in a digital format by Justin Blyth in 2009. By the summer of 2010, it's physical life was beginning with the help of fellow designer Justin Van Hoy. Together, working from Holland and California respectively, Iconograph is available via the internet and in an archival form, printed on a quarterly basis.
Iconograph is printed on the highest quality Heidelberg offset printing facilities in the Netherlands. Limited to 1,000 pieces per issue.
Iconograph is a privately funded art document. It's format knows no consistent edge and evolves to fit each theme in an appropriate manner.

Iconograph contains no advertising, promotions, fashion spreads, record reviews or personal ads.