I will have new work featured in the
Beautiful Decay | Book 5 Projects section, as one of 14 artists unified with a singular theme.

Theme: "Psychonauts"

The Psychonauts travels to the realms of the unreal to survey a collection of artists that straddle the liminal worlds of dreams, the subconscious, the surreal, the unexplained, magic and mystery. Psychonauts is a term used to describe lucid dreamers, or those who “awake” within dreams. The Psychonauts discovers other possibilities for consciousness within contemporary art, pushing the boundaries of reality and representation.


Beautiful/Decay began as a humble, black and white, DIY photocopied ‘zine while founder Amir H. Fallah was just 16. Over time, the publication grew into a full color, internationally distributed magazine. Today, Beautiful/Decay takes the form of a limited edition, hand numbered, advertising free art book series. Though Beautiful/Decay has grown into an internationally recognized design-driven lifestyle brand, the publication still carries that same youthful sense of rebellion and experimentation that influenced the very first issues.